• Nicholas Walsh

Between Beer and Branscombe

WOW I was caught in a storm of biblical proportions along the clifftop between Beer and Branscombe. No need for reference material, the experience will be with me for many years to come. I watched in the distance as blue sky became stained, then enveloped by a gigantic black cloud coming from far away in the distance, and heading directly for us. The air turned cold and the wind blew furiously into our faces. Beata and I love discovering new walks together. I am always on the lookout for places that could be potential paintings. The rain crackled on our clothing. We squelched along like deep sea divers at the bottom of the ocean, aimlessly trudging to an unknown destination.

Hooray! The Masons Arms a pretty little pub about 10 minutes from Branscombe beach came to our rescue. A warm welcome and hot coffee, helped considerably to nullify the cold. When we ambled in, I felt like a lifeguard plunged fully clothed into a swimming pool as part of their exam. Water was oozing on to the stone slabs as I stood waiting at the bar to be served.